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Financial Planning

Finding the Right Financial Planner

CPAFlorida.com can help you find the right financial planner.

A financial planner customizes a financial plan for each investor based on individualized goals and objectives.


Financial planners have a thorough understanding of the relationship between risk and return, and how to construct a portfolio that is balanced to meet the needs of the investor. A number of factors are analyzed including your investment goals, asset allocation, and current as well as future economic conditions.

Obtaining an Independent Review of my Investment Performance

Faced with complex, ever-changing tax laws, fluctuating interest rates and an explosion of investment opportunities, many individuals become overwhelmed by the thought of managing their own investment performance. But how does one know if their portfolio is performing at the level necessary to meet financial goals?

CPAFlorida.com can assist you in measuring investment performance, considering your personal investment objectives and risk tolerance. Some of the analyses from which you may benefit include:


● Estimates of after-tax returns on investments.

● Evaluation of your investment portfolio and identification of areas of weakness, including market hazards, inflation dangers, liquidity, allocations, etc.

● Analysis of the benefits of tax-deferred and tax-free investments.

● Design and implementation of a long term income plan

● The impact of inflation on the ability of your current capital to meet your future income needs.

How to Minimize Paying Taxes

Because minimizing taxes is a strong desire of most individuals and business owners, CPAFlorida.com can assist you with legally reducing the taxes you pay to the IRS, through such strategies as:


● Minimize paying taxes on investment earnings.

● Analyze the tax consequences of investment opportunities.

● Utilization of trusts, partnerships, Limited Liability Entities, and annuities to legally decrease income taxes.

● Recommend tax favored retirement plans for your company.

● Develop estate and gift tax strategies to minimize the cost of passing your estate to your beneficiaries.

Financial Management and Bill Paying

CPAFlorida.com can administer your personal, investment, and business finances based on directives that are mutually established.