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Asset Protection

Financial Power of Attorney

CPAFlorida.com works with our clients' attorneys to ensure that all short and long term planning documents are considered.
A properly executed financial power of attorney (also called a "durable power of attorney) is a tool used to legally transfer the management of assets should you become physically or mentally unable to manage your assets on your own. This document can avoid the need for family members or others to go before a judge to have a guardian appointed. The appointment of a guardianship is costly and time consuming.

A "financial power of attorney" allows the person of choice (called an "attorney-in-fact") to control the finances and assets of the individual who signs the power of attorney (called a "principal"). The power becomes effective after the signer becomes incapacitated.

The types of powers that may be conferred by the signer to an "attorney in fact" include:


● Buy and sell all property (including real estate) owned in whole or part by the principal;

● Withdraw or deposit funds, open and close all bank, savings, and brokerage accounts owned by the principal;

● Operate any business venture owned by the principal;

● Direct the investment of the principal's assets;

● Enter into contracts on the principal's behalf;

● Borrow money on the principal's behalf;

● Make contributions and withdrawals from retirement accounts, including IRAs and 401(k)s; and

● Make tax elections to which the principal is entitled.

Long Term Care and Asset Protection Planning

At CPAFlorida.com we recognize that planning for your long-term care or the care of loved ones is one of the most important family decisions you may face in the years to come. Our professionals are knowledgable in Medicare/Medicaid benefits, Long-Term Care Planning, Health Insurance and Asset-Protection Planning. Some of the complex decisions that we are available to assist you with include:

● The development of a long-term care insurance strategy which may include the purchase of a Home Health care insurance policy.

● Asset Protection planning to use the legal avenues available to protect and preserve your possessions, including your family home.

● Investigate alternative care options.

● Consider an insurance plan that can pay for modifications to your home (i.e. wheel chair ramp, handicapped bathing facilities, etc).

● Through use of a Living Will, ensure you have an advocate to speak when you cannot, to enforce your desires when approving or withholding life-sustaining medical treatment.

Elder Care Assistance

The professionals at CPAFlorida.com include Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) and understand how to work effectively with senior clients. For those who work with seniors, that means understanding the key health, social and financial factors that are important to seniors, and how these factors work together. Our CSAs have experienced how gratifying it is to assist seniors with achieving their goals. The seniors we have worked with have learned how rewarding it is to work with someone who truly understands and appreciates their age-related circumstances.